Raw Food


Derin Bepo of HealthRestore interviewed by Bidii – June 2017



What does a raw lifestyle mean to someone like yourself?

The raw lifestyle is life. It’s the reality of life!

We have a concept of nutrition provided by a cultural perspective, and a very dominant commercial perspective.

Raw lifestyle is understanding that we should be eating food that is not processed in any way.  Most people have an understanding  that we wake up in the morning and have a breakfast cereal.  But who laid down the law that you do that?    Really people have not thought about it.  They put sugar and milk on on their cereal.   But who made this rule? It’s really a commercially driven manipulation.  So raw lifestyle is cutting through ideas by looking at reality and what the body actually needs.

If you don’t give the body enough foods from the fruit kingdom and vegetable kingdom, nuts and seeds they will have serious health problems.



What made you specifically go on the journey of raw food?

It was a progression.  I think the progression started about the age of 8 or 9yrs old. I saw my parents especially my dad, and I used to think my dad was a very handsome man.  But thought why do adults get out of shape? Why do adults have to age?  Why do they lose that youthful look?  I was only 8 or 9 having these thoughts.   I saw people declining, and their shape and skin changing.  And I’m thinking to myself as a child ‘why?’  That’s one of my first memories.

When I was a little older I asked my mum ‘Is it possible to live without eating meat.’  I think I got an answer like a slap round the head!

Next time I was in the library in Streatham and I was 10years old.  I was reading and came across a new word ‘vegetarian’.  Then I was satisfied that there were people who live without eating meat.   But in my family we ate meat everyday so I don’t know where these thoughts came from.

The next experience that formulated my understanding, I think I was in my 20’s and I was in Africa for a while. And I had a skin infection and it was terrible.  My hand was damaged and it was serious with pus coming out.  I remember I saw the doctors, took medication and was getting jabs.  I didn’t like taking it but if I stopped the hand swelled up more.  Eventually, my mum took me to a market full of herbalist in Lagos, Nigeria.  I went up to an old lady.  She looked at my hand for all of 2 seconds and she told me what to take, and she did not ask me any questions.  I was desperate so I took the herbs and boiled them.  It was bitter but I still took it.  Within 3-4weeks the hand was all cleared up.  So what impression did this have on me??  I saw these medically trained doctors and they could not help, they had no idea.  But, this woman who most people would consider her to be uneducated.  She solved my problem literally in 2 second of analysis.  It made me realise that there is knowledge outside of mainstream and there is ancient knowledge.  What we think of truth and knowledge now is a relatively recent understanding of things.

Looking at all the pharmaceuticals and it couldn’t help me.  Tried something ancient and it solved my problem.

So I return to England and I started researching health.  Now I had burning questions.  I wanted to know how do you stay healthy? How do you not age? What’s the right things to eat? I was reading and getting fascinated in health issues.

One of the first books I read was on the Macrobiotic diet in the early 80’s.  So from that point I made a vow.  I remember the day, I made a vow that I am not going to eat anything unless I can justify that food is going to advance my health and make me feel better, look better and live longer.  If I can’t justify it I can’t eat it.

In one day all the white foods were thrown out.  Breads, rice, cereals, the sugar were all gone!  I literally threw away all the bad foods in a day that I could not justify being there.  Within a week I felt better and so different.    I fine tuned my diet.  I got a deeper understanding about health and diet.   I was reading more.  I found out that one of the keys was to eat food in an unprocessed form, and how something happens to food when it is processed in any way.


The next life changing book I read was ‘Spiritual Nutrition: The Rainbow Diet’.  And based off that book I began to understand about the principle and aspect of the colours in food.  All colours in food carry power and energy, frequency.  Purple foods, orange foods, red foods, green foods.  It made sense. So I decided I was going to do a fast of only raw food.

I did a 3 day fast on only raw foods. I did it and I felt fantastic.  I had so much energy.

By day 2 and half I had a strong craving to eat my favourite foods rice and fish.  After the fast I went straight to the rice and fish but my energy went to the floor and I crashed and burned.  I enjoyed eating it, but when I ate it I went through the floor in terms of energy.   I didn’t occur to me that kind of electricity, that kind of feeling I had in that 3 days was how I should have been living.  This showed how indoctrinated I was culturally and commercially.  So it took another 10years to get it, and I realized I needed raw food.  It took another year to wean off cooked food and it was a process of gradualism

I remember the day I had after eating just raw food for 3months.  I ran through the park and felt I could take off I had so much energy.  I thought to myself ‘you don’t have to cook your food’.  I kept saying it and it was like a revelation.

All my life I never questioned cooking food.  It never occurred to me not to cook my food.  But all of a sudden it was clear as day.  That was a breakthrough.

And when you break through in one area mentally you break through in other areas as well.

That made me realize what other  thought process and beliefs was I carrying?

Diet is very powerful.  Diet is a cultural thing, it’s a belief thing, it’s a system that people eat according to a belief or culture.  That can lock your mindset.  If you change your diet it can change your way of thinking.   So raw is a radical step, it’s a natural step  but still radical in the context of how we live now.  It unlocks consciousness and unlocks the mind and takes people out of the matrix of what we think we should be eating or think what we should be doing or what the body actually needs.


You mentioned ancient knowledge earlier.  Do you think by going raw we are tapping back to our ancient or original self?

Nobody has ever asked me that before!

The quantum energy field emulates from our DNA and it goes back thousands of years.

Research studies saw DNA was powered by photons.  Photons are light energy.    But how is light energy accessing DNA?  The photon energy can take on another form like food.

My favourite raw food if black grapes.  So when you eat a vegetable or fruit you are eating condensed light.   You are eating photon, its energy but its stepped down from one form to another form.  So if you are eating a red fruit you are eating a red part of the spectrum and corresponds to certain parts of the body.  So when a man with prostate cancer he needs to eat more tomatoes.  The prostrate corresponds to the area called the base chakra which connects with earthy aspects linked to reproduction survival, and being grounded.

Yellow corresponds to higher consciousness.  Certain foods are beneficial to the nervous system.

All foods corresponds to different frequencies or wave lengths operating in the system.  Your basically eating light.   If you don’t have light the cells will malfunction.  The DNA will malfunction.

The photonic charge comes from the food, and the food has to be raw to carry the right charge.  The high photonic charge is in the food we eat.  There is a whole metaphysics around nutrition and food.

There have been studies that show the link between cancer and fruits and vegetables.  Really it should be 9 fruits and vegetables a day helps people minimize their cancer risk.   They say 5 as it is more manageable.

So if you reverse that understanding really they are actually saying cancer is the absence of fruits and vegetables.

The order of creation for mankind is fruits and vegetable and cancer is the evidence of being outside of this.  Without raw food your body will malfunction.  The best chance to be healthy is to have raw food.

I was recently with a friend who had a baby girl.  The baby had mucus coming out her nose, and she was munching on a biscuit.  By giving her the biscuit he was already setting up the process of disease in her body.  She could have been munching on a banana or a piece of mango.

But in the cultural and contextual commercial understanding he thought the dried up glutenous factory produced product was appropriate for his lovely daughter, and now she is kicking out mucus.  It’s making all these reactions in her system and that becomes her new ‘normal’.


How does someone try to change the family pattern with so much pressure from the family?

When you look at truth verses unreality.  It shows we are in a strange place.  I had a client and I explained to her over the phone and she understood straight away about the raw food.  She had the whole family raw.  Then the whole family is in uproar.  They did not argue when she gave the children Mars bars and cola.  Nobody had a problem.  But when feeding healthy food they were against her.  So you see this problems we have?

Social services even tried to section her because she had 10kg of bananas in the kitchen.

People are now under pressure as some are refusing vaccinations and the commercial lifestyle.

We live in a strange time.

Any truth that is counter culture you have to be bold and let the world catch up later.   You have to be well read and well researched.

But it’s easier now to be healthy.  You can go on-line and buy anything that 10years was underground stuff like maca powder, chia seeds.

All this came from the underground movement.  Nut milk didn’t come from the big companies.  It came from the health conscious underground culture as an alternative.  They were making their own alternative to diary milk.  Now the companies have seen this and made it available.

Now the health movement has generated ideas and a way forward for people.  10 years ago very few people were doing this.

How you learn about health has changed too.  Before any information was via postal order from Canada or somewhere and you had to wait 6 weeks.  To get knowledge now the internet has made it easier.  People can get information that was not possible a few years ago.

People who are not healthy now have more or less chosen not to be.  They have chosen a kind of conformity, because people tend to be only as healthy as their peer group.

In the African community specifically there are more people understanding about being raw.   You can activate power and consciousness through the pineal gland activation.  That is why it is important to eat raw food.  The contaminates and residue in food , the different types of pollutants in the air and water make huge problems for consciousness.  The pineal gland can get damaged through the absence of cleansing or purifying.  The windows of perception become more cloudy so generally you see people who eat raw food start to become more conscious.  They see what they didn’t before.  The right hemisphere of the brain needs higher alkaline than the left.  The right is the universal connection device for the past, present and the future.

I have worked with people through a transition period and you start to see people operating at an expanded level of themselves and not a diminished level of themselves.

The part of the body that takes a lot of nutrients is the brain.  When the brain is nourished and resourced you see things differently.

For example – a group called Natural Justice.  Gave key vitamins and fish oils to cat A prisoners who were really destructive.  Within a month they were more settled and playing chess.

Now people bring their children to me and you can see the children’s diet by how they behave.  Children on a healthy lifestyle are quite peaceful, attentive and playful in a certain way.  Children running on the sugars, food colouring and empty foods, like foods masquerading as foods including breakfast cereals; they can’t keep still.  They are destructive and break things and I wonder how the child is in school.  The parent may blame the school for not helping the child but the problem is the child can not focus.  Their attention span is very, very short.  The child will have high levels of impulsive behavior, and this is all linked to the diet.

In every area of life is the aspect of cause and effect.  Many people have a huge disconnect regarding the law of cause and effect in their health life.  I have seen a lot and worked with thousands of clients over the last 15+years.  I have seen a lot of interesting things happen,  I have seen people’s physical body, their face, their ideas and jobs change.  Even their income changes too.  Someone’s income can be linked to their diet and their IQ going up.   They see opportunities they never saw before and also they now have the energy to pursue things they did not have the energy to pursue before.

A lot of the time people have financial problems and they don’t have enough spark, or creative ideas.  If they have the ideas then they don’t have the energy to put into motion.  With raw food, cleansing the body, green juices everything changes.  I have seen in women a massive drop in fertility.  Now the new normal is cesarean births too.  Now it is not a given that a woman will have a vaginal birth.  Most women do not have a normal period too.  With improved nutrition the fertility changes.  Within 30days a woman’s hormonal balance will change eating raw food.

The number 1 cause of death is atherosclerosis.  This is the blocked arteries, veins and capillaries due to processed foods and factory processed starches and manufactured sugars.

People are eating foods that are not food.  When we get our delicate ph out of balance then we have a problem.


Have you have come across people who raw food was not the answer?


Many people make the excuse because they do not want to do raw food, they don’t believe in it.  African Caribbean people do best on raw food.  One reason is the melanin.  We need the elements from raw food.  I’m eating black grapes right now.   The purple from it is a melanin.  A plant melanin is compatible with human melanin.  The aspects of melanin in fruits and vegetables are compatible with our system.    The healing and repair kicks in very quickly.  I’m talking days!

We start to regenerate and repair from the inside out.

Different dynamics kick in the more sophisticated the organism the higher amount of raw food is needed.  Raw food slows down the aging process,  I have researched it.  A lot of people  say a lot about raw food but they have not researched it and they haven’t tried it.  People have problems because of their cultural and commercial bind.  As soon as you heat a food it is no longer a food.  It is a drug.  The number one drug on the planet is sugar! There is no sugar without heat.  The heat has to destroy the normal structure of the food.  The second most addictive food is processed starches and carbs like bread.


How do people get onto a raw life diet?  How does a new eating lifestyle look?

It depends!  Some people I get on raw food straight away.  I get some people off food and just juicing!

I had a client.  She had pains in her back and leg.  I looked at her diet.  She did not fast or eat vegetable.

The ratio is easy.  It is easy to eat 50% of the diet being raw food.  Anything below 50% the person is already ill.  You need to be on 50% minimum just to tread water.  To be a little bit healthy should be 60-70%.  To be fit needs to be 80% raw and 20% healthy cooked foods, root vegetables like yam– nothing fried.  Nothing processed or microwaved.  You will start to flourish.  Have a goal like the first 10days no cooked food.  For some people it’s an adventure!  They will find out what they are addicted to.  You have to break through some cravings and some parasites.  Some people don’t know the parasite they have inside them.  It can be viral,  fungal or bacterial.  Fungal for example is Candida.  This gives the person to craving for sugar.  Fungal forms can trigger the demand for sugar so much that people have cravings linked to parasites in the body.  Cravings can come from deficiencies of what the body is missing.


What would you suggest as a must read?

There are a lot of books on raw food, but one to read would be ‘Raw eating’ by A. T. Hovannessian.  It is an uncompromising raw food book!



For more information and advice where can people get you?

A lot of my time is spent providing  one-to-one consultancy sessions.  I assess clients nutritional profile and tailor make a programme for their needs

0207 733 7077




Our Hair
Firstly it is important to state that to have good hair means to care and condition the hair correctly, therefore it is completely possible for black women to have great natural hair free from chemicals.

Hair growth like all other bodily functions is affected by our lifestyle. Diet and stress play a great role in the health and vitality of our mane. The hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body after bone marrow, and it is made up almost completely of protein.

As Black people our hair is different. We are the only people to have 9 Ether hair growing up towards the sun. Many western writers speak of hair having no function other than to grow long and keep humans warm but since our hair grows up then surely our hair must have another purpose.

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Top 10 Hair Myths

Myth 1 – My hair does not grow

For all people of different racial make-up hair grows 1.5 inches per month. African hair is the curliest hair and as such is prone to breakage; this is due to the curl itself causing the protein bonds to waken. Imagine a slinky (helical spring); if you apply enough pressure to the bends it breaks as this is its weakest part, this same principle applies to curly hair. The curls along the hair shaft are where our hair prone to breaking. By limiting the amount of times we interfere with our hair i.e. combing and pulling it will reduce amount of breakage we experience. By looking at African men with long hair or people with locks whose hair is in a natural state, their hair has grown no faster. However, it is tampered with far less.

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Chemicals In Our Products

What’s In YOUR Moisturiser?

If you do not suffer from flaky skin, eczema or unexplained rashes the chances are that you know someone who does. Have you ever wondered why?

There are several causes of these conditions which range from stress and anxiety, hereditary factor, climate changes, hard water, synthetic or wool fibres etc. One other factor which is often overlooked are the cosmetics that we use on a daily basis i.e. soaps, creams, oils, lotions, deodorants etc. Through extensive research, I discovered to my horror that many of the ingredients found in high street cosmetics contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals that should be avoided at all costs.


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Having Healthy Hair

The health of hair is a very important factor for its growth and maintenance. It is important to remember natural is always best; and many times what is good for us is found in our fruits and vegetables instead of in a bottle full of more chemicals.

Vitamins are essential for the whole body including the health of our hair and do the following:

  • Vitamin A – Produces healthy sebum in the scalp
  • Vitamin B5 – Prevents graying and hair loss
  • Vitamin B6 – Produces keratin (the strong protein found in hair and skin) and prevents hair loss
  • Vitamin C – Important for growth and maintaining healthy hair
  • Vitamin E – Enhances scalp circulation
  • Iron – Helps reduces hair loss

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Black Women and Fibroids

Eymbi speaks on Black Women and Fibroids

Routinely women are going to their GP or clinics and having screenings/smear test every few years to check for abnormalities in the cells.
We as Black women are more subjected to fibroids due to our environment and foods which we have to cope with, as western society (Europeans) DNA is different to ours. We really can’t handle junk food as our body is not naturally designed to be loaded with junk. After all you are what you Eat, Think and Feel

The womb is a sacred area of the body and has its natural function. When checked by the GP if fibroids are detected more often than not a hysterectomy is suggested as a solution to take it all out. This causes a huge hormone imbalance. Many times you find people as early 20’s are having their womb/uterus removed.

After this the body can’t cope as our DNA is not the same coming from the original source.

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What Can We Do To Defeat Breast Cancer?
Early Detection

One of the keys to successfully defeating breast cancer is catching it early. It has been estimated that finding breast cancer early can mean a survival rate of 97%. One part of catching breast cancer early in black women is to develop a breast cancer screening programme for black women that start earlier. Currently breast cancer screening in the UK starts at 50 years old and as we now know that a significant number of black women develop breast cancer on average in their mid forties it would thus be more effective to begin screening black women at an earlier age. The second part of catching breast cancer early is to create a greater awareness amongst black women about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Armed with this information black women must endeavour to carry out a regular breast self examinations looking out for changes in their breasts that are not associated with menstruation. The signs and symptoms to look our for include:

  • Changes in the size and shape of breasts
  • Changes in the skin texture – puckering, dimpling
  • An inverted/retracted nipple
  • A bloodstained discharge from one or both nipples
  • A lump in the breast or armpit
  • Pain in the breast that doesn’t go away with your period

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Breast Cancer

What is Cancer? 

To understand cancer we have to have some appreciation of human biology. Our body is made up of minuscule entities called cells; these are the basic unit of life. Similar types of cells come together to form our tissues (e.g: muscle tissue, brain tissue etc), groups of tissues form our organs and then organs come together to form systems (e.g: cardio- vascular system, nervous system). Cancer is a disease of the smallest unit of our body – the cell. It develops when cells within our body obtain a series of defects that result in their uncontrollable growth. These cells are thus able to grow and divide into multiple defective cells that form a mass called a tumour.

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Black Women and Breast Cancer

For black women the news is good and bad. Good because black women are significantly less likely (one-third less likely) to develop breast cancer than white women. The bad news is that a higher percentage of black women die from breast cancer than white women. Studies in the US have shown that black women are 30% more likely to die from breast cancer and in the UK it has been shown that black women are two times more likely to die from breast cancer. In addition to this, numerous studies have shown that when black women do get cancer they tend to get it at a much younger age than white women with a recent study in the UK showing that black women are diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years younger than white women, (an average of 46 years old compared to an average of 67 years old for white women).

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Lactose Intolerance

Lactose malabsorption (LM): lactose deficiency, lactose intolerance, milk intolerance.

The consumption of animal milk has been sold as a natural and healthy way to take calcium into the body. However, in the case of the African community this could not be any more further from the truth.

Milk is one of the essential building blocks for all infant mammals who nurse from the mother’s milk rich in lactose. Lactose is a milk sugar, a disaccharide and principle carbohydrate source in milk of land animals.

To ingest milk the lactose is hydrolyzed (processed) in the small intestines, for this to happen the small intestines secretes the enzyme called lactase which splits the lactose molecule in two producing sugar glucose and galactose; this is then absorbed into the bloodstream. If the lactose remains unhydrolyzed i.e not processed it can lead to intestinal symptoms including stomach gas, distension, flatulence, diarrhea, phlegm and vomiting. Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest and absorb lactose which is a condition that occurs naturally in the majority of adults globally especially those who are highly melenated.

Lactose absorbers are those who can hydrolyze (process) lactose to produce glucose which is absorbed into the blood. Lactose malabsorbers are those people who cannot process lactose and so glucose is not absorbed. Many people who are lactose malabsorbers are able to consume milk daily with no signs of distress.

As children humans have a high intestinal lactase activity so the in take of milk is much easier. After weaning off the mother’s milk the lactase activity declines to great lows for the remainder of the person’s life. This happens with no experience of intestinal illnesses; the process of decline in lactase activity and the beginning of lactose malabsorption (the inability to digest milk) is normal in nearly all land mammals. There have been some cases however where the process of lactose malbsorption (LM) is delayed until a person’s teens or adulthood.

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