What do you want to see in the black community?

I would want people to come back home to our own traditions. We need to follow our own belief and ideas. Because our view and relationship with the world is seen through someone else’s eyes. We have lots of money in the black community but with tainted morality and no relationship with the community nothing good can grow. Our people can get well but we must be rooted in our own consciousness and tend to our own spiritual needs to get well.


What are your concerns about our health?

Spiritual well being. We can have only so much health, but we need spiritual wellbeing. As a community we are still suffering from grief and society keeps our men over sexualises eventually weakening the kidney system and inhibits our ability to achieve.


Why do you practice your art?

I have practiced arts for years and through it connected with my own traditions. It enabled me to get a better understanding of art and a more balanced approach to my work and life so naturally I gained better health. I then went on to teach about health and exercise.


Why should we practice a martial art?

We are behind the times. We have got to a point of crisis, and now people look to martial arts as a resolution for their children. People are really looking for other things and don’t understand spirituality naturally embodies martial discipline. If you go the spiritual route you will hit health and if you seek health you will hit the spirituality, both take discipline, meaning a martial approach has to be in your resolution.

It will take time, change of lifestyle because we have to change our belief and ideas, then we will be on the right track. What ever you practice you must try to live and this naturally will be reflected in what you do. We need to encourage, heal, inform and walk our own spiritual path, as Africans it is one creative process.


Do you have a message for the brothers and/or sisters concerning health?

We need a lot more men doing and others will mirror what they see. We need more brothers teaching to show an African perspective of masculinity. Meaning the calmer you are on the inside less you have to shout to show outwardly your authority.


How have you found changes for the better?

I am very hands on. It must be practical. I have seen significant improvements in relationships around me. I have much more energy making me more balanced, and I have so much more to give. I have no experience of major dips or depression. I enjoy my children and partner much more. The results are the proof.