Welcome to Bidii.


Who are we ?


This site is dedicated to increasing the awareness of Black health for the community.

Our health is the foundation to all aspects of lives.  To nurture our well being is fundamental for us on an individual and collective level.

Looking around it is painfully obvious how we suffer from a multiplicity of illnesses which we now assume is a normality – Diabetes, Fibroids, High Blood Pressure to name just a few.

Our health, diet and lifestyle needs to be changed if we are to move away from our current manifestation and seek a better way of life. We must understand that genuine pride in our natural state will not come from clothes, fake hair, nails or cars.

Many within our community do not see that the black body is like no other and hence needs to be looked after accordingly. Our requirement to stay healthy is NOT like that of the majority population.

This site is not aimed solely at women however; they are the mechanism for change in the health of the black community, because it is she who is the life giver, nurturer and mother who breathes life into the next generation.

On this site you will find useful information on our health through research obtained by those of the black community in a variety of fields.

The word ‘Bidii’ is Swahili meaning effort, struggle and devotion.   With that ethos this site strives to stimulate change in the community by exploring better health. 

Over many years interviews have been conducted with prominent black health practitioners giving you a personal message directly from those that know us best.


Explore better health…