B-UZURI|| SELF-CARE to harness unlimited BEAUTY from the inside out.||




Self-care is a proactive unconditional way to help improve your current state and harness unlimited BEAUTY from the inside out.  

B-Uzuri is designed to give black women a wholistic platform to assist in fitness and more.  

Providing workouts, postpartum friendly exercises, meditation, information on diet and nutrition plus much more all aimed at the black woman’s lifestyle!

Exercise has numerous benefits and is a great way to give back to your body!  From a gentle stroll to feeling the burn can help your body, mind and spirit!

B-Uzuri offers great fitness videos, food nutrition information and recipes with FREE and £10 per month membership options!


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B-Uzuri aims to help Black women wanting to:

Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Start and improve on a fitness journey

Start their fitness journey from a safe pace and easy guidance

Improve in disciples with focus on stretching and technique

Explore how to have a varied, dynamic and nutritious plant-based diet from an Afro Caribbean influence

Seek encouragement through positive affirmations and meditations