Eymbi speaks on Black Women and Fibroids

Routinely women are going to their GP or clinics and having screenings/smear test every few years to check for abnormalities in the cells.
We as Black women are more subjected to fibroids due to our environment and foods which we have to cope with, as western society (Europeans) DNA is different to ours. We really can’t handle junk food as our body is not naturally designed to be loaded with junk. After all you are what you Eat, Think and Feel

The womb is a sacred area of the body and has its natural function. When checked by the GP if fibroids are detected more often than not a hysterectomy is suggested as a solution to take it all out. This causes a huge hormone imbalance. Many times you find people as early 20’s are having their womb/uterus removed.

After this the body can’t cope as our DNA is not the same coming from the original source.


We must look at our food eating programmes and eat well such as – yams, green banana’s, ackee, greens, fruits. These are there to balance our hormones but instead we replace them with toxic meats chicken or pork. Our liver can’t cope with the toxins in our diet. Women experience back pains, constipation, high blood pressure, flooding in menstruation that lasts days or even weeks!

When the doctors tell us we have fibroids we are in disbelief and shock. That’s when we release we need to do better with what we put in our bodies. But many times when the different treatments are suggested instead of looking at lifestyle and triggers eating naturally cleansing then we usually follow GP advice of laser treatments or hysterectomies (which is the most aggressive to the body).

The woman will take the GP’s advice because she just wants it out. She will take anything the doctor prescribes, but anything they offer will push the body into further pressure. Pains in the back and/or down the legs, weight gain (due to steroids), and addictions to medication given by repeat prescription.
If fibroid are small many times they will advise that the woman leave it. Only for it to grow and get bigger and then they will suggest medical or surgery treatments.

We are falling short in taking care of ourselves. Adults used to take bitters but now don’t want to do this, not realising benefits of cleansing the body systems, detoxing and eating proper foods is what’s needed.
We are living outside of our natural environment. Society is hooked on fast foods and a media which shouts the loudest and we listen. We have latched onto a society concentrated on fast food, stress and a multitude of imbalances. We are suffering from high blood pressure, sickle cell, diabetes and more, our bodies are under serious attack. In black areas there is a high density of chicken shops and KFC’s full of artificial waste products. Feeding us battery chickens which are spliced with pork to get more meat on the bone, they grow with no feathers and are feed with steroids to grow fast. Our bodies can’t cope with all of this.

Our dairy intake like milk builds up mucus and the liver and immune system can’t deal with it. Dairy, meats, white sugar and flour are causing blockages in our bodies.
We do what society tells us, we eat what they say and go to the GP instead of holistic practitioner are we getting any better.

Some of us know information from our mothers and grandmothers and elders. We need to look at natural remedies because what is happening to our wombs is not correct. Everyone has to remember we came through the birthing canal of the woman so fibroid affects the whole family. It [the fibroid] presses down on the uterus and can cause miscarriages and can even stop you conceiving.

Taking contraception also has a major affect on the black women. Typically, consistently taking contraception, such as the pill from an early age between 16 to 31 years, causes blockages. This can hamper her ability to reproduce.

Also as a partner the man’s has a responsibility also with what he Eats, Thinks and Feels this will affect the quality of his sperm. His foods and life style will contribute to low sperm count and miscarriages.

We now gain information about fibroids because a mother, sister or aunts already have it and now we accept fibroids as normal.

We need to educate ourselves about fibroids because the womb is a sacred organ.

We need to look at what we consume. An example is of how women feed their children. Breast milk is the most natural source for a child. Not a bottle full of artificial chemicals or cows milk. Dairy products like cows milk is not to be used when you have the best available. Our bodies and DNA are different to that of an animal and any dairy products should not be taken.

There are different types of fibroids. They can grow inside the womb or around the fallopian tubes.
Women with fibroids need to think what has got them to that stage. She will need to review her whole lifestyle.

As a holistic practitioner I would have a consultation which would focus on her health, well being, lifestyle and meditation.
She must review her cycle. If it is more than 3 days, experiencing pain, being bloated she must seek advice.

There are herbs and practices used to shrink fibroids.
The sister must get things in order as treating fibroids can be done but it will take time. She must look at state of her mind, spirit, diets, and exercise. Exercise can really help stretching, qi gong, yoga all help to gently tone the abdomen.

After our school years we no longer exercise, we get into a routine, walk less, and weight begins to pile on and immune system is starts too get weak.


In 20 years time, where do you see us as black women in the fight against fibroids?

It’s not good as we are not looking at ourselves. At the moments 3 of 5 black women have fibroids. That’s more than any of the other women on the planet, and this will get worse as we don’t value our health. It does not look good.

We really need to encourage women to seek holistic practitioners and they need to understand that dealing with fibroids takes time. A programme will help her back to a healthy state but it all depends on the stage the woman is at.

We need to regain our natural life; however even though the food here is not great we have to pick the best of what we can get as this is the environment we live in.