Myth 1 – My hair does not grow

For all people of different racial make-up hair grows 1.5 inches per month. African hair is the curliest hair and as such is prone to breakage; this is due to the curl itself causing the protein bonds to waken. Imagine a slinky (helical spring); if you apply enough pressure to the bends it breaks as this is its weakest part, this same principle applies to curly hair. The curls along the hair shaft are where our hair prone to breaking. By limiting the amount of times we interfere with our hair i.e. combing and pulling it will reduce amount of breakage we experience. By looking at African men with long hair or people with locks whose hair is in a natural state, their hair has grown no faster. However, it is tampered with far less.

Myth 2 – Water is bad in the hair

The human body is 80% water which also includes our hair and is at its most supple and flexible when wet. Our hair thrives on water which provides it with the only source of moisture. We need to add the right balance of oils to lock that moisture. Water is a natural hydrating agent and really is the best thing for hair. Our hair is easier to style when wet and there is no need to fear the rain. When we understand this it makes no sense to run from water!!!!


Myth 3 – My hair is unmanageable

Knowledge of how to care for our hair is the key to managing our hair. Education and acceptance of our hair is fundamental; we need to know how to care for our unique features. Once we have the right understanding of our hair then grooming our hair will be a breeze.

The idea of beauty has been catipuled to the look of the European ideal and since we don’t know what our hair ia really about we have followed the path set by multi billion pound ads and marketing campaigns. By labeling natural black hair as difficult, tough and unmanageable we will flock to the shops and buy products to correct this. Relaxers promise silkier, longer hair which we know is never works. By looking at the women around, you get first-hand knowledge of what the products really do because the hair does not look longer, silkier or healthy. Unfortunately, our ignorance of the beauty in our hair has meant we have been easily swayed into being endless buyers of relaxers, wigs and weaves that really do nothing for us.

But one again education is the key because it is not just relaxers that cause damage. Since we do not know how to take care of our hair type even if it is relaxed many resort to weaves and wigs due to the poor condition of their hair and scalp.


Myth 4 – Natural hair is dirty

This is positively untrue. When the hair is natural water is the best element you can use. You are able to wash it more often and restyle as you wish.

Myth 5 – Natural hair is dry and hard

Natural hair is not dry nor hard when looked after. The scalp produces natural oil to moisturize the hair but due to the coils in the hair shaft this oil does not reach the tips of the hair. It is best to add water to the hair daily which will help push the oils down the hair shaft to moisturize the hair properly.

Living in a hard water area can be a disadvantage to natural hair because when used hard water leaves mineral deposits on the hair dries the hair even more.
Another experience which makes women feel their hair is hard can be when a person has relaxed their hair and as new natural roots growing through will seem hard as the affects of the relaxer chemicals are still in the scalp. If you are patient the hair will soon become softer as the hair recovers from the chemical treatments.


Myth 6 – Styling is limited

Styling is a creative expression and you can do as you wish. Most people with relaxed hair and weaves keep the same look for years too.


Myth 7 – Texturised and relaxed hair is natural

Natural is hair not chemically treated at all. Relaxers and texturisers change the structure of the hair and so it is not the same as it was naturally. Also, we must note that heat is another process that changes the structure of our hair because it breaks and reforms the protein bonds. Over long periods this results in heat damage and the only remedy is to cut the hair off completely.


Myth 8 – Men are not attracted to when with natural hair

People are attracted to those with confidence, if you are uncomfortable with your look, it will show no matter how you have your hair. You will always get those that tell you it’s just their preference to be with someone with long hair or a certain look, this is just where we have to take a stand and allow your look to be dictated only so much. Natural hair is not to be viewed as nasty because this feeds into the negative thoughts of our beauty so easily adopted by younger generations of women which will shape their acceptance of self.


Myth 9 – Natural hair doesn’t need trimming

When hair is natural a trim is still necessary as they keep hair healthy and to avoid splitting ends. Splitting ends is experienced because it has become too dry and the layers in the hair separate which can happening along any part of the hair shaft. It is recommended a trim be done every 6-8 weeks. As well as trimming is mositurising is recommend as it is due to the hair being so dry that split ends and breakage occurs in the first place.