Interview with Philip Udeh


Do you think Sickle cell is misunderstood by the Black community?

Yes. Definitely.  Many people do not know what is but they ‘know’ that it’s bad.  They don’t know the mechanism of sickle cell.

There is a misconception about it, and sickle cell has a bad stigma attached to it.  There is a spiritual thing associated to it; like a curse. If you ask if someone has it in the family they will say ‘No!’ with pride!

It has become spiritually negative.  Really sickle cell is a genetic disorder and if we knew about it we can mitigate sickle cell.  Even if a person has it they can improve their quality of life.  To be honest even people with sickle cell do not understand it.  They know how the disorder makes it hard for oxygen to get around the body but they do not know how to improve their quality of life.  Many take morphine which is an addictive drug with negative effects on the body, altering the persons receptors of pain.

This is the reason why I previously launched Sickle Success to educate the community.  Education is essential and it is important for everybody to see the correlation between a healthy lifestyle and how they function.  As Africans we are not functional because of our lifestyle, and people with sickle cell can’t afford to have a poor lifestyle.

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Raw Food


Derin Bepo of HealthRestore interviewed by Bidii – June 2017



What does a raw lifestyle mean to someone like yourself?

The raw lifestyle is life. It’s the reality of life!

We have a concept of nutrition provided by a cultural perspective, and a very dominant commercial perspective.

Raw lifestyle is understanding that we should be eating food that is not processed in any way.  Most people have an understanding  that we wake up in the morning and have a breakfast cereal.  But who laid down the law that you do that?    Really people have not thought about it.  They put sugar and milk on on their cereal.   But who made this rule? It’s really a commercially driven manipulation.  So raw lifestyle is cutting through ideas by looking at reality and what the body actually needs.

If you don’t give the body enough foods from the fruit kingdom and vegetable kingdom, nuts and seeds they will have serious health problems.


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Prostate problems in Afrikan/Black Men

Special Health Report: Prostate problems in Afrikan/Black Men By Kwame Osei

According to research in the US and UK, Prostate cancer is amongst THE TWO biggest killers of Afrikan men. This special report seeks to ask what prostate cancer is, its causes and what can be done to prevent the disease.

The prostate is partly muscle and gland. It is about the size of a walnut with a donut shape. It is directly underneath the bladder and surrounds the tube (urethra) that allows urine to flow out of the bladder and pass out through the penis.

The prostrate secretes a thin cloudy alkaline fluid that helps make up seminal fluid. The muscular contractions of the prostate squeeze the prostatic fluids and help mix it with semen and sperm – The muscles help to ejaculate.

There are many types of prostate diseases and many factors that can cause prostate problems. There are two main categories of prostate problems. They are:

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Melanin in the Body

Melanin is a chemical found throughout the body, and is made up of subunits of chemicals which are influenced by enzymes (protein molecules used to digest food, produce energy, and purify the blood) to build a stable and resilient compound. (Kittles 1995).

This stable and resilient compound gives many benefits to the body of melinated people. In the body melanin is responsible for a variety of functions including energy conversion, control of organs cyclical rhythms, melodious and rhythmical speech and much more (L.O. Afrika 2004).

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What is it?

Melanin is a chemical, made up of subunits of chemicals which are influenced by enzymes (protein molecules used to digest food, produce energy, and purify the blood) to build a stable and resilient compound. This compound is distributed through the body of pigmented people (Kittles 1995).
This stable and resilient compound gives many benefits to the body of melinated people.
The importance of melanin is hidden all too often for a variety of reasons but it is fundamental we can identify where is resides in us and why this extremely precious chemical makes us so unique.
Melanin can appear in a variety of different colours but is predominantly black or dark in colour and is found in the earth as well as throughout the human body.
Melanin is in all of us and is situated in many areas such as:

  • Central Nervous System
  • Autonomic (Automatic) Nervous System
  • Peripheral (outlaying, surface) nervous System
  • Diffuse Neuroendocrine (Glands) System Visceras (Major Internal Organs)

African (Black) people tend to have more organs that contain high concentrations of melanin. It is fundamental to remember melanin is a gift responsible for many of our capabilities.
Melanin is the basis of pigment and even in the first stages of human life as an embryo melanin is present as the body forms in a variety of essential regions such as the brain, hair, skin, eyes and genitals.
It is important to recognise the immense strength of melanin which appears to be a substance that is almost indestructible. Studies illustrates that when exposed to 600°c melanin still retains nearly 50% of its original properties, it has a strong resistance to decay and can also be found in 1,000 year old mummies.

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Afrikan Yoga

Pablo Menfesawe-Imani interview – Sept 2009


Why does the Black Community need to wake up to their Health & Wellbeing?

Health is a birthright and is the normal state of all human beings when one becomes unhealthy they are in a state of unbalance and this can materialise in a myriad of ways, from the very subtle like just simply being impatient and wanting to push someone over just to get a seat on the bus to the most well known widespread cases, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and cancer.
Now you may not have a life threatening disease, yet if you are angry all the time or often that is a liver problem, back pains denote lack of self assurance and security which will eventually lead to greater problems, this is merely a tiny example of the pressing need to be aware of our bodies and feelings.

Now you mention Black community may I add Black global community cause Black people are falling out from Diabetes in the Caribbean, USA, UK and in Africa due to poor dietary habits. The majority of Black people are not concerned about what they put in their mouths and this is due to a mental and emotional condition. They are addicted to foods and ways of cooking that will kill slowly or quickly depending on how you look at it. Visit a pupil referral unit (special need schools and state prisons for children) in London and find that most of the children in there are from the Black community with ADHD. This is not because they are bad children. Further investigation into the diet, homes, environment and parenting will give you the answers why they are there.

Wellbeing is about emotional states how we feel about our homes our environment and the kind of relationships we are having.
The crimes the black community are committing on each other is staring us in the face and it’s not just knives and guns, its lies, stealing, deceit, emotional blackmail and all kinds of lack of concern for each other. In yoga this is termed as unconsciousness so when you speak of waking up you mean becoming conscious and this extends to all of humanity.

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Kofi Speaks

What do you want to see in the black community?

I would want people to come back home to our own traditions. We need to follow our own belief and ideas. Because our view and relationship with the world is seen through someone else’s eyes. We have lots of money in the black community but with tainted morality and no relationship with the community nothing good can grow. Our people can get well but we must be rooted in our own consciousness and tend to our own spiritual needs to get well.

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