What pains you most about our community’s health?

The age and profile of people over 35 and 40 have issues with blood sugar, blood pressure and the reproduction health in females. It also pains me to see our intake of processed cooking oils and the huge impact it has on health.

What hurts me most is the level of trust we place in mainstream medical systems. I have seen people with high blood pressure start with 2 types of medication and end up with 4 after seeing the doctor and still not getting better at all.

Too many people believe the lie – they think they are incurable and accept being ill and their declining health. Increasing numbers of people are getting sicker and sicker. When we are in the medical system we get really bad treatment.

When we say these illnesses can be resolved and a brother can help you. The response is usually, “If the white man can’t help me then who are you?”

We trust in the western educated doctor more than our own people, which is sad.

Also, was is really sad is that the young people have no awareness, and don’t see the problems coming. We must warn them!!


What do you think mothers can do to implement better health in the family?

She must know about health and be a student of health herself. The mother is the hand that rocks the cradle so she is very important for us. We are not eating enough raw food in our diets and it’s a shame.

High levels of health knowledge is helping to raise healthier and smarter children.

Giving sweet drinks, breakfast cereals and processed foods is not good at all!

I have a lot of respect for mothers who ask about things, such as the affects of sugar and vaccinations in a child’s development, some mothers are looking for a holistic and natural alternative for their children well being.

We need to be aware of some major things. Blood pressure, obesity and blood sugar are the axis of evil which all feed each other.

Washing and cleansing for us is key and we need to bring back bitter herbs to our diet which are critical for our well being.

We need to know that we are exposed to so many products affecting our chemical balance. These bombard us everyday. Check out websites like Bodyburden.org


What are the dis-eases you come across with sisters mostly?

Fibroids is a massive serious problem I come across with our women.

Like many illness I think it all goes back to the cooked foods we consume which right from puberty.

The menstrual irregularities is another key sign of our sisters disease.

I always try to make people understand that there is a simple test called Hormone Assay Panel. This is a critical test of your hormone profile. If your hormonal balance is out it affects mood, weight, energy levels and reproduction. We all must get it checked out!


What should we know about our race when it comes to food?

Research is uncovering that our functionality is different.

We have a different hormonal profile, we have the highest out put of testosterone and oestrogen. Also, linked to our melanin what we are exposed to (if bad) will destabilise us. If we do act properly about what we eat we will have vitality and health. If we don’t the affects are awful. When it comes to our melanin it’s either or, it’s a true blessing or a curse.

When it comes to our diet we need another culture because we live on white starchy foods, rice processed foods. This is not right!

As Black people we must understand our body need greens just to function normally. The most powerful fruits come form our land, including pineapple, mango, guava and we need to use them. We hold all these great assets but we insist on being the last to know about it. We have enough foods, knowledge and healers in our community, we need to use them.


What crucial items would you recommend we start taking today?

Aloe Vera (or Ferrox which is 4 times stronger than Vera). They work inside our bodies and out. It can be used to detox our system, clean our bowl, aid our reproduction, and used to wash our hair and oral hygiene.

Garlic, Cayenne and Chilli Pepper – are profound healers and must be used in all households.


Name 3 danger foods do you want us to stop having?

Anything fried

Pure white and the deadly – Refined sugar, refined starches, refined table salt and pasta

All animal fats


Name 3 great foods you want us to start eating?

Hemp Plant – Provides us with super strength from the seed milk, the oil and fibre

Fruits – With 6,000 available on earth we have enough to eat

Vegetables – All green vegetables from callaloo, kale to cucumber

Nuts and seeds in natural forms is great for us to eat.


Do you have a message to the brothers about their diet?

Last 5 years I have seen a lot more men are getting interested in their health, and taking more proactive steps in health. Power comes from excellent health. You get more inspiration and vitality and can earn more. Smart people always look about their health. The health is the vehicle to get their objects and desire.

“A man who has no time for his health, will soon have no time for anything else”


What are key signs to look for in our poor health??

Suffering from low energy, low physical, mental and spiritual vitality.

Skin is a big marker – skin conditions, hair, nails and eyes.

Menstrual behaviour in women – any cycle which lasts more than 3days, heavy bleeding, bloating pain. This is not right and the body is trying to tell you.

Swelling in the feet, hands and abdomen are signs which suggests the ability to handle water could be impaired

Foaming urine

Tiredness, lack of energy. Constipation, Aches, Skin Problems. Problems sleeping.   Anxiety, Depression, Bleeding Gums, Reduced sexual desire and response. Periods lasting more than 3 days, premature signs of ageing, difficulty gaining or losing weight.

People need to heed the signs sooner, we should not wait until the body screaming.

We must remember that the physical state of the body impacts on the mental, spiritual state.


For some juicing and cleansing maybe too much so where should we start?

Cut down on cooked foods and increase fresh food intake. Throw away the coco pops now and stop eating at night!

Do not eat randomly. Instead make structures to eating e.g. no food past 7pm

If you must eat at late due to work etc then have something like fruits or vegetable greens which cause the least impact at night.

The microwave is killing our heath, because we try to live in a convenience culture but this is causing an inconvenience on our health. You must ditch the microwave!


Health is simple and many in our community are waking up to health, we need to get a momentum going. We need to be at the forefront of the health revolution so we need to take control.

Derin is now holding a courses at Pempamsie in Brixton Hill SW London. The workshops held here is actually doing health not just talking about it. Students are given support to move their health forward.